Get behind-the-scenes of Tribe XR's launch on Oculus Quest

Get behind-the-scenes of Tribe XR's launch on Oculus Quest

Reflecting on Tribe XR’s launch on Oculus Quest, Tribe’s Co-founder and CEO Tom Impallomeni shares his thoughts why Tribe on Oculus Quest creates new opportunities for DJs, takes us behind the scenes to talk about Tribe’s product development, and explains why it’s extremely hard for VR apps to have high ratings from the users and how Tribe won the DJs hearts and remains one of the top-rated VR apps of all times.

Release Notes for TribeXR v. 0.06.10

Oculus Store - Live

This release focuses on avatar customization, feature discovery, performance optimization, and sharing.


  • Oculus Avatars 2.0 Integration: Customize your avatar with the new Oculus avatar integration.

  • Spectator Cam: Record your sessions with the new spectator cam. Press Spacebar to toggle on then 1,2 keys to switch perspectives.

  • Friend Invitation system: Invite your friends with the new one-on-one invitation system.

  • Optimized UI for loading tracks: Load your tracks using a lightweight panel. It makes accessing and loading your tracks easier.

Usability and Performance

  • Track Loading: The new track loading feature also improved run-time performance of the experience.

  • Optimized hands: We've fine-tuned the grabbing behavior of deck components making for a more intuitive and natural experience. We've also added a full set of hand gestures to help you communicate

  • Quick control reset: We know it's sometimes difficult to reset the the position of certain controls like the pitch fader and EQ's. We've added the ability to reset those components with a simple click of the grab button.


  • Discord Invitation: Easily subscribe to our Discord channel from within the app and connect with a community of passionate DJs and virtual reality heads.