Release Notes for TribeXR v. 0.06.10

Oculus Store - Live

This release focuses on avatar customization, feature discovery, performance optimization, and sharing.


  • Oculus Avatars 2.0 Integration: Customize your avatar with the new Oculus avatar integration.

  • Spectator Cam: Record your sessions with the new spectator cam. Press Spacebar to toggle on then 1,2 keys to switch perspectives.

  • Friend Invitation system: Invite your friends with the new one-on-one invitation system.

  • Optimized UI for loading tracks: Load your tracks using a lightweight panel. It makes accessing and loading your tracks easier.

Usability and Performance

  • Track Loading: The new track loading feature also improved run-time performance of the experience.

  • Optimized hands: We've fine-tuned the grabbing behavior of deck components making for a more intuitive and natural experience. We've also added a full set of hand gestures to help you communicate

  • Quick control reset: We know it's sometimes difficult to reset the the position of certain controls like the pitch fader and EQ's. We've added the ability to reset those components with a simple click of the grab button.


  • Discord Invitation: Easily subscribe to our Discord channel from within the app and connect with a community of passionate DJs and virtual reality heads.