Our partnership with Pyramind

Tribe VR has partnered with Pyramind - the leading Music Production school based in San Francisco. 


Pyramind has extensive experience in Music Production, Creative Studio Services and Online Learning. Tribe and Pyramind are working together to develop course content, music tools and services. We also intend to showcase upcoming talent - particularly the music of artists who come through Pyramind's music production courses.

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Pyramind and Tribe VR are currently working together on immersive experiences for VR and AR platforms.

Commenting on the partnership, Pyramind CEO and Founder, Gregory Gordon, said: 

Pyramind has extensive experience in teaching and developing Music and Audio Producers. We see VR and AR as the next steps in improving the way people learn and create music. We are excited to be working with Tribe to develop methods and approaches for people to learn immersively.”

Tom Impallomeni, Co-Founder and CEO of Tribe VR said: 

"We are delighted to be working with Pyramind. Greg has built an amazing business and their deep knowledge of all things relating to Music Production and DJing is a massive help to us in our quest to improve the way people learn. We look forward to developing and launching exciting VR and AR products together in the coming months."

About Tribe VR

Tribe VR makes it easy for people to learn real-world skills. Tribe harnesses Virtual and Augmented Reality to enable immersive learning. Tribe VR is based in San Francisco and backed by investors including Boost VC (Adam Draper). The founders have built and worked at technology businesses such as Pixar, High Fidelity, Virtually Live, Transparent House and SuperAwesome.

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About Pyramind

Pyramind is the leading Music Production school based in San Francisco, CA. Learn to produce the sounds and music you love at our SF Campus , located in the heart of the SOMA district of San Francisco. Immerse yourself in the most in depth music and audio production training program on the planet, specifically designed to launch the careers of music producers, sound designers, composers, audio engineers, and electronic music artists.

San Francisco's leading school for music and sound producers has a seat waiting for you.

 Discover Pyramind today.

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citizenM and Tribe VR partner to give hotel guests their first DJ lessons in Virtual Reality


citizenM and Tribe VR partner to give hotel guests their first DJ lessons in Virtual Reality

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October 24, 2017

AMSTERDAM -- citizenM, the boutique hotel chain offering "affordable luxury for the people", has partnered with Tribe VR, a San Francisco-based VR startup, to offer hotel guests a unique “Introduction to DJing” experience in Virtual Reality (VR).

Guests, many of whom had travelled to Amsterdam for the 2017 annual Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) convention, booked a 5 minute VR DJ experience featuring a virtual DJ mentor, a DJ setup which exactly replicates those seen in nightclubs across the city, a short lesson and a free-play mode where guests could mix and stream their own sets to citizenM’s YouTube channel.

The citizenM-Tribe VR partnership marks the latest innovative use of technology by the hotel chain. citizenM hotels are built using modular construction techniques, and the hotel is a market leader in using data analysis proactively to provide a better, customized experience.

Commenting on the partnership, citizenM’s CMO, Robin Chadha, said: “At citizenM we are constantly looking to introduce new and innovative experiences for our guests".

“Tribe VR is developing a unique educational platform, harnessing VR and AR to make learning more fun and effective. citizenM is delighted to have partnered with Tribe VR to bring a unique DJ-learning experience to our guests, many of whom had travelled to Amsterdam to attend the ADE Dance music event. The VR learning experience was very well-received by our guests.”

Tom Impallomeni, co-founder and CEO of Tribe VR, stated: “Immersive learning of real-world skills is, we believe, the killer use-case for VR and AR, and we are delighted to showcase our learning platform to citizenM guests in Amsterdam. We’ve been incredibly impressed by citizenM hotels, their focus on technology to enable an innovative, market-leading customer experience, and their long-term vision to bring affordable luxury to all. We look forward to growing our partnership together.”

About citizenM

citizenM hotels aim to provide a new type of hotel experience for a new type of traveler. The group's founding philosophy is held central: to offer "affordable luxury for the people". Headquartered in Amsterdam, citizenM's founders include professionals from both the hospitality and the fashion industry. Together with an experienced management team, citizenM is preparing itself for a rapid expansion.


About Tribe VR

Tribe VR (www.tribevr.io) is an immersive educational and creative technology platform, harnessing VR and AR to democratize and improve learning of real-world skills.

Tribe VR's DJ and music production school features a dual-core curriculum. The first focuses on the mechanics of DJing and music production. Song analysis, mixing deck controls and performance will be explored in a series of immersive and interactive lessons. The second focuses on master classes from high profile DJs and producers, telling their stories, conveying their personal style, passion, cultural influences, and music and broader legacy. These classes let you connect with the unique personality of your favorite DJs and producers, deepening the appreciation of this special art form.

Immersive learning is a significant area of potential innovation for VR and AR, as outlined on the citizenM blog. Tribe VR’s platform will launch in the coming months on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

Tribe VR is based in San Francisco. Collectively the founders have built and worked at technology, entertainment and VR companies including Pixar, High Fidelity, Virtually Live, Transparent House and SuperAwesome.

For enquiries on citizenM, please contact:

Tel: +49 (0)177 3081188 email: press@birgitschmoltner.com