Connect with Friends & Mentors

In Tribe XR, we want it to be easy for you to collaborate with friends and DJ mentors. Music is better when it’s shared and your music gets better when you showcase it to your friends and experience DJs.

  • Join or Invite a Friend to Your Session

Use: You can either invite a friend to your session or join them during their session. You can listen in or play a set together.

Note: Multiplayer is currently unavailable on Viveport.

Note: You and your friend must have the same music files in your individual music folders to hear each others music.

  • Make sure you’re connected on via Oculus Friends or Steam Friends.

  • To open your session to friends, open the main menu and click “Go Public” in the bottom of the friends menu.

  • To join a public session, open the main menu, click the friends name and click join.

  • To invite a friend to a session, click the friends name and click invite.

  • Join or Invite a DJ Mentor to Your Session

Use: If you’re learning, it always helps to get mentorship to level up your DJ skills faster and more efficiently.

There are several ways to connect with a mentor in Tribe XR.

  1. Join the Tribe XR Discord and request mentorship from the community.

  2. Sign up for a 1-to-1 live lesson with a professional DJ instructor by going through our lessons page. (Additional Cost)

  3. Add them as a friend via Oculus or Steam so they pop up on your friends list.

  4. Send them the tracks you’re working with so they can listen in and provide feedback. (All tracks will be removed after your session for your privacy)