Tribe XR Game Mechanics

Tribe XR has a ton of features that come with our pro-style CDJ Deck. Here’s some powerful features that can be easily missed if you don’t know where to look.

  • Cue Tracks with the Virtual Headphones

Use: Cueing with the virtual headphones inside Tribe XR allows you to monitor an incoming track in before playing it live to the room. You can listen to this track while the volume is turned off so you can transition into it smoothly.


  1. Place a track on the deck and click the play button.

  2. Turn the channel fader down and press the channel cue button. 

  3. Move your hand next to your ear and click the trigger button to activate your virtual headphones.


Video Tutorial

  • Using the Tribe XR Spectator Cam

Use: You can show different angles of your VR environment on your video monitor. This is useful to show your audience different angles of your performance while in-person or livestreaming online.

  1. Make sure the Tribe desktop app is in fullscreen mode.

  2. Click the spacebar to enter spectator mode.

  3. Once in spectator mode, click 1,2,3,4 to switch to different angles. To return to first-person mode, click the spacebar again.

Spectator Mode (Main)

Screen Shot 2018-11-12 at 5.17.27 PM-min.png

Spectator Mode (behind the shoulder)

SXSW Female Avatar.png

  • Using the Tribe XR Mic Controls

  1. Set to Mic selector to “On” to turn the mic on and route the audio signal to the master output.

  2. Set to Mic selector to “Talkover” to turn the mic on and turn the sound of the other channels down.