Ellaskins has built a reputation as The Original DJ Mentor. His Youtube tutorials have been viewed by thousands of DJs since its creation in 2006 and he’s dedicated himself to mentoring aspiring DJ’s. Click here to schedule a live, 1-on-1 lesson with Ellaskins in VR through Tribe.

The Basics

Favorite genre? House

Biggest influences? Masters at Work

Favorite Club/festival? Amnesia ibiza

Your DJ Story

How did you first get interested in becoming a DJ?

Sunday school party way back in 1975, i took my sisters record player to play 7".

What aspects of being a DJ do you enjoy the most?

Knowing a good track, dropping it and then seeing the crowd go nuts!

Favorite DJ story (family friendly)?

Playing some tracks at a festival and the owners not knowing i was there, having 100 people dance under the stars and then getting the festival film crew film me and finally having the owners not only like what i was doing but get me to play on the main stage!

Mentorship Insights

What is the most important skill an aspiring DJ should know to get started?

A passion for all styles of music!

If you could go back in time and give one piece of advice to your beginner DJ self, what would it be?

Don't buy Ford Transit vans as they rust!  lol