DJ Jonn Connor AKA Seventh Sign


With roots in the underground, Jonn Connor plays his part with bringing Trance & Progressive music to the forefront of San Francisco. Coming from a humble upbringing of playing secret parties starting at the age of 17, he has risen quickly gaining the respect and support of Bay Area Trance pioneers. Jonn started touring the San Francisco club circuit starting in 2017. His SF club/venue checklist is nearing completion with appearances at Ruby Skye, 1015 Folsom, Temple SF, The Great Northern, The Midway SF and many more. Amongst those appearances he’s shared line-ups with absolute Trance legends such as Cosmic Gate, Shane 54, Jordan Suckley and Ferry Tale just to name a few.


The Basics

Favorite genre? Deep House / Psytrance

Biggest Influences? Stephan Bodzin, Lane 8, Ace Ventura & Astrix

Favorite Club/festival? 

Your DJ Story

How did you first get interested in becoming a DJ?

Music exposed the feeling of true happiness to me and since then, i've dedicated my life to creating that moment for others. 

What aspects of being a DJ do you enjoy the most?

Performing my original music to a crowd, locking in the groove on the dance floor and the HUGE exchange of energy. 

Favorite DJ story?

A couple big dreams of mine were to play at Ruby Skye and to open for the Trance legends Cosmic Gate. Ruby Skye was somewhat of a short term goal and playing with Cosmic Gate, I thought, was a more long term goal. I checked my inbox in early January, 2017 only to find out I got booked to open for them at Ruby Skye as my nightclub debut. Two dreams came true in one night and my career practically took off from there. 

Mentorship Insights

What is the most important element an aspiring DJ should know to get started?

Practice as much as you can. Grow the skill set set needed to take your career in whichever direction you please. When you are good enough at your craft, where you take it is completely up to you.

If you could go back in time and give one piece of advice to your beginner DJ self, what would it be?

ALWAYS have a back-up flash drive!!!