Aaron Kuppin AKA DJ Raid Zero

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Aaron Kuppin aka Raid Zero is an established DJ on the West Coast who brings 10+ years of experience to every lesson.

He has performed at every major night club in San Francisco - including Ruby Skye, Temple, DNA Lounge, Audio Discotech - and at SoCal's Exchange LA.

Aaron’s advanced technical skills, and intimate knowledge of wide array of equipment and set-ups, separate him from a lot of other DJs on the scene.  Moreover, Aaron possesses an easy demeanor, and has a keen sense of how to communicate his knowledge to anyone who wants to learn.


The Basics

Favorite genre? House & Techno // Jersey Club, hard to answer because I love all style of music.

Biggest Influences? A-Trak & Laidback Luke

Favorite Club/festival? Club - Sound Nightclub // LA (They have really good food)

Festival - Burning Man // NV

Your DJ Story

How did you first get interested in becoming a DJ?

My older sister and older cousin were both bay area DJ's in the late 90's and early 2000's - I always thought it was so cool how they blended records together.

What aspects of being a DJ do you enjoy the most?

Being connected on the same wave length & sharing an intimate experience with the dance floor.

Favorite DJ story?

Doing a 3.5Hr opening set for Dash Berlin @ August Hall in SF (Formerly Ruby Skye) - the show was completely sold out. 

Having the honor to play in such a prestigious venue was incredible. 

- I'll never forget that night.

Mentorship Insights

What is the most important element an aspiring DJ should know to get started?

Basic song structure - bars, beats, & phrases.

If you could go back in time and give one piece of advice to your beginner DJ self, what would it be?

The importance of learning industry standard equipment.

DJ Raid Zero

DJ Raid Zero