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DJ Trix became a pro DJ in 96’ and has been tearing up the scene every since. He’s been performing around the world, producing his own music and working on production with well known artists like Tiesto and Major Lazer.


The Basics

Favorite genre? House and EDM (no its not the same)

Biggest influences? There weren’t any superstar DJs around back then. MTV were only playing Madonna. Not many to look up to.. I would say Frankie Knuckles though.

Favorite club/festival? Clubs: Club Privledge - Ibiza and Cocoon - Frankfurt Festival: Tomorrowland

Your DJ Story

How did you first get interested in becoming a DJ?

We had these youth clubs back in the 80’s and I was in love with music.. and girls. DJ seemed the right choice :D

What aspects of being a DJ do you enjoy the most?

Creating my own tracks and watch them grow on a big crowd

Craziest DJ story (family friendly)?

That must have been, sometime in the 90’s I got hired to compete at a mobile disco competition. We won the competition, and during our final victory set, the equipment caught on fire and the arena had to be avacuated.

Mentorship Insights

What is the most important skill an aspiring DJ should know to get started?

Enjoy and have fun, let yourself loose and be passionate about it.

If you could go back in time and give one piece of advice to your beginner DJ self, what would it be?

If you ever get hired to play at Ibiza, please use your night for DJ'ing and your daytime for sleep. (not beaches, babes and drinks)

How to SEE HIm PErform

Click to the link below and follow his Twitch channel to check out his live performances! You can also find him on our Discord helping fellow DJ’s on their journey.