How to Load Your Own Tracks

How to Load Your Own Tracks on Quest

  • Connect your Quest to your PC.

  • Open the Quest through Windows Explorer.

  • Copy your music into the Quest “Music” folder.

  • Launch Tribe.

  • You should see your music in the My Tracks tab.


  • Be sure the Tribe Storage Permissions are set to On.

  • You may need to toggle Developer Mode on the Quest.

  • If you're using SideQuest, it has a file explorer, so you shouldn’t have uncheck developer mode to add more music.


  • How to transfer music from a Mac


  • On Mac, you'll need to install Android File Transfer to successfully transfer files between your Oculus Quest and computer.



How to Load Your Own Tracks on Rift, Vive and WMR

In short: Copy your tracks to C:\Users\[username]\Music\TribeXR.

  • Copy your track into the Windows “Music” folder.

  • E.g. C:\Users\[username]\Music\

  • Restart you Tribe session and click My Tracks Tab in the Open Track List menu.

  • Scroll down the tracks list using your hand controller’s joystick.


  • We currently support mp3, m4a, aac, wav files. We recommend using .mp3 files.

  • Tribe will analyze the track, display the waveform, the beat markers and the BPM. EDM and techno tracks analyze the best. Organic rock music may analyze slightly off. We’re currently implementing a feature that allows you to edit the analyzed beat grid to correct for that.


Troubleshooting loading issue

If you have special characters in your track names, Tribe may not be able to read them. For example, these type of characters can create issues: À Ö & ~ ™

To work around that you can rename the track files and remove the special characters.


How to Import Rekordbox Data on Quest

  • Export your Rekordbox collection XML file as [some-name.xml] to your Desktop. 

  • Connect your Quest to your computer.

  • Copy the XML file to: ue4game/tribexr/tribexr/saved/documents/rekordbox

  • Copy some or all of your Rekordbox music to the Quest Music folder. 

  • Restart Tribe.


How to Import Rekordbox Data on PC

  • Export your collection from Rekordbox. 

  • Save your xml file as [some-name.xml] in [My Documents]/TribeXR/Rekordbox/

  • Restart Tribe 

  • See your collection in Tracks List > My Tracks > Rekordbox 

  • See you playlists in the Tracks List > Playlists tab.


How to do a multiplayer session

You can do a multiplayer sessions with your friends. 

  • Connect with your friends on Steam or Oculus Home.

  • To host a session: Open the main menu and click “Go Public” in the friends menu. 

  • To join a session: Open the main menu, click the friends name and click join. 


You and your friend must have the same music files in your individual music folders to hear each others music.


How to Sign Up for the Bootcamp

We offer a DJ Bootcamp to get you started. During the Bootcamp, you and your fellow DJs will get DJ missions that will teach you the fundamentals of DJing. By the end, you'll have the skills to perform a 30 minute set and you'll get a chance to livestream on the Tribexr Twitch channel.


How to Cue Tracks with the Virtual Headphones

Cueing with your virtual headphones allows you to monitor an incoming track in your before playing it live to the room.


  1. Place a track on the deck and click the play button.

  2. Turn the channel fader down and press the channel cue button. 

  3. Move your hand next to your ear and click the trigger button to activate your virtual headphones.


 How to Use the Hand Controllers

Quest Hand Controller Guide

Triggers: Grab & Select - Press the trigger to grab the deck controls or select menu items.

B Button: Main Menu - Press to show/hide the main menu.

Y Button: Recenter - Press to recenter your avatar.

X & A Buttons: Laser Pointer - In spectator mode, press to show/hide your laser pointers.

Joystick: Scroll - Use to scroll through lists such as your CDs.


Rift Hand Controller Guide

Triggers: Grab & Select - Press the trigger to grab the deck controls or select menu items.

B Button: Main Menu - Press to show/hide the main menu.

Y Button: Recenter - Press to recenter your avatar.

X & A Buttons: Laser Pointer - In spectator mode, press to show/hide your laser pointers.

Joystick: Scroll - Use to scroll through lists such as your CDs.


Vive Hand Controller Guide

  • Triggers: Grab & Select - Press the select to grab or select items.

  • Menu Button: Main Menu - Press to toggle the main menu.

  • Recenter Button: Recenter - Press to recenter your avatar.

  • 6 o’clock on Pad : Reset - Reset the controls.

  • Vive Home Button: Vive Home - Press to open the Vive home page.

  • Pad: Scroll - Use to scroll through your tracks.


How to livestream to Twitch

  1. Set up your Tribe scene in OBS.

  2. Go to Twitch > Dashboard > Channel > Settings.

  3. Copy your Primary Stream key.

  4. Go to your OBS > Settings > Stream > Settings.

  5. Set your Service to Twitch.

  6. Paste the Twitch stream key into the Stream Key.

  7. Go to the main OBS panel.

  8. When you’re ready, click Start Stream button.


How to Connect Tribe to your Twitch Channel

You can connect Tribe to your Twitch channel. Your Twitch viewers can then chat with you in Tribe, send you emotes and paint emotes on the back wall in the DJ booth.

Click the Twitch icon in the Main Menu in Tribe.

Follow the connection instructions.


How to Livestream only the Master Audio

When livestreaming, you want to stream only the master audio and not the cue audio. Here are the steps to route only the master audio using OBS.


  1. Go to your Tribe > Settings.

  2. Set your Master Output to something other than the Rift, e.g. Speakers.

  3. Go to OBS.

  4. Add an Audio Output Capture Source and set it to the same device, e.g. Speakers.

  5. Make sure that only that device is active during your livestream.

Master Audio.png
Master Audio OBS.png

How to use the spectator cam

Simply, click the spacebar!

To use the spectator cam, make sure the Tribe desktop app is in focus then click the spacebar. Once in spectator mode, click 1,2,3,4,5 to switch amongst the angles. To return to first-person mode, click the spacebar again.


How to Add Visuals to the Scene using Animated Gifs

Your Twitch viewers can post Gifs on the back wall using the command !igif <giphy-url>

  • Download FFMpeg files from here:

  • Extract the zip file.

  • Copy the .exe files from the “bin” folder (including the ffmpeg.exe, ffplay.exe and ffprob.exe files)

  • Create a new folder here: C:\Users\[username]\Documents\TribeXR

  • Paste the .exe files to the TribeXR folder

  • Add the path of your ..\Documents\TribeXR folder to your Path in your System Environment Variables.

    • Enter “System Environment Variables” into your Windows Search Box to open System Properties then navigate to Environment Variables > System variables > Path and add the path to your TribeXR folder.

    • Note: Be sure to edit the "System Environment Variable" not the "environment variable for your account".

  • Restart your PC


make sure you've enabled links in your Twitch chat so viewers can post the Gifs (Dashboard -> Settings Moderation -> Block Hyperlinks "off")


Go to your Twitch channel and type !gif


How to Use the Twitch Commands

Use the !gif command with a giphy URL to project gifs on the backwall of the DJ Booth

Example: !gif

To get the giphy URL, go to, find your fav gif and copy the URL.

Use !request command to request a song.

Use the !nowplaying command to see the current tracks that are playing.


How to record your set in OBS

Summary: OBS is a free and open source software for video recording and live streaming. You can use it to record and livestream your sets.


  1. Install OBS and accept the defaults.

  2. Start Tribe then start OBS

  3. Create a Scene and name it “Tribe”

  4. Create Game Capture Source and select the Tribe Window from the dropdown list.

  5. Create Audio Input Capture Source and select Rift Audio from the dropdown list.

  6. Create Audio Output Capture Source and select Rift Audio from the dropdown list.

  7. Confirm the video in the main display and confirm the audio in the Mixer

  8. To set your video output settings, click “Settings” button and then the “Output” tab.

  9. Set your recording path to your prefered location.

  10. Set recording format to MP4.

  11. Start recording.


How to Enable Youtube Requests

  1. Install FFMpeg in “C:\Users\[username]\Documents\TribeXR”

  2. Download Youtube DL from here: “”

  3. Copy “youtube-dl.exe” to your documents TribeXR folder “C:\Users\[username]\Documents\TribeXR”

  4. Launch Tribe


 Mixed Reality Setup

LIV Mixed Reality

Here’s an overview from our resident DJ, DJ Azwell, on how to calibrate the LIV setup.

Here's an example of DJ Azwell demonstrating the feature.

Unreal Mixed Reality Capture

If you’re feeling adventurous, we have enabled the mixed reality capture plugin provided by Unreal. It's experimental so be aware when attempting to set it up.

1) Download the calibration tool

Download Unreal Engine mixed reality calibration tool from here:

2) Setup your webcam

Get a supported Webcam - the Logitech C920 and C930e. You can also use a camera with a supported USB Capture Dongles such as the Magewell USB Capture HDMI Gen 2. While untested, it’s possible that other cameras will work. Give it a try. Mount your camera to your monitor or tripod. The position of the physical camera will set the position of the virtual camera.

3) Setup green screen

Position your green screen in your play space  

4) Run the calibration tool

Launch MRCalibration.exe.

5) Select the camera

If necessary, specify which camera to use with the Up & Down keys.

6) Calibrate the lens

Print the checkerboard file. It’s named checkerboard.png and it’s included in the Calibration Tool downloads. Tape the checkerboard to a piece of cardboard. Hold the checkerboard print out at different locations in front of the camera. Use different angles and depths. The text at the top of the screen will change to let you know when the calibration tool has collected enough samples.

7) Calibrate the alignment

Place your HMD on your head to activate it. Align the controller with an on-screen model, adjust the sampled alignment and repeat. You can preview the alignment results by holding P.

8) Adjust the alignment

There are five white boxes on-screen. Move one of your controllers to each of the boxes and pull the trigger in each.

9) Make more adjustments

Like in the previous alignment process, move, rotate, and scale the models to match the image.

10) Calibrate the compositing (optional)

You can tweak specific compositing settings. Use the arrow keys to select and set specific values.

11) Matt the garbage areas (optional)

If your green covers the entire frame, you can skip this step. Otherwise, put on your headset and matt out the unused areas of the frame.

12) Copy the calibration file to Tribe

Exit the tool. Go to the tools Saved/SaveGames/ directory and copy the MrcCalibration.sav file.

Paste the MrcCalibration.sav file in the Tribe SaveGames folder: C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\TribeXR\Saved\SaveGames

13) Launch Tribe in MR

With the MrcCalibration file in the Tribe SaveGames folder, launch Tribe. Tribe will automatically start in mixed reality mode.

14) Declare Victory



For more detailed instructions:

For more detailed information, please see the Unreal Mixed Reality Development page.

Get support on Discord


How to Reset Your Controls or Session

You can reset individual controls by clicking the A/X buttons on the Touch controllers or the 6 o’clock position on your Vive controllers.

You can reset all tracks and decks, you can leave a session with a friend or you can end a hosted session. Just use the Reset Session button.


 How to Resolve the Crackling Sound

If you experience a cracking sound with the audio, try setting your sample rate on your audio device to 48khz.

If you’re using a Vive be sure to use HTC Nvidia High Definition audio device.

Note: You may need to set the playback device to the HDMI device in your Steam VR app to enable the Nvidia audio device.

If you have two different devices setup in the Tribe audio settings, one for master&cue and one for master, and they have have different sample rates, try removing one. It may resolve the crackling.

Crackling Sound.png

How to Connect to the TribeXR Twitch Channel

Go to - C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\TribeXR\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\StreamingSettings.ini

Add the following line - “ChatChannel=tribexr”


How to logout your Twitch account

If you’d like to switch Twitch accounts in Tribe XR or your login times-out and you want to disconnect completely.

Go to: C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\TribeXR\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor

Open StreamingSettings.ini

Delete the access token



Note: Once you log out, you can log back in through through Tribe using the normal connection process.


Can’t hear the audio from the video lessons?

If you can’t hear the video lesson audio, you may need to set your default playback device to the Rift.

- On Windows 10, click the volume icon in your system tray and select the Rift or Vive.

- On earlier versions of windows, set Rift or Vive as the default playback device in your Sound Control Panel.


How to Watch the Video Lessons.

Learn the basics of DJing with the integrated video lessons.

Open the main menu and click the video lessons button.


Change the Default Track Folder Location

You can change the default tracks folder via GameUserSettings.ini

To change the location, open the GameUserSettings.ini that’s located in your Oculus install folder.

Here’s an example path: C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\TribeXR\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\GameUserSettings.ini

Add the following line:



Restart Tribe


How To Run a Stream Test with Twitch

Use: Before you go live to you want to make sure all of your settings are perfect. It’s a bummer when you go live and your audience can’t hear you or can hear your cue audio. This is how to test it.


How to Leave a Review

For the Quest, launch the Oculus app on your mobile phone, then open Tribe. Leave a review in the Ratings and Reviews section.

leave a review on quest.png

To leave a review on the Rift, launch the Oculus app, click Store on the left, click Search in the upper right, search then click TribeVR DJ School, scroll to the bottom and click Write a Review.


 How to Support Tribe XR

The Tribe XR team is hard at work developing new features and supporting our users on their DJ journeys. If you’d like to show your support, there’s plenty of easy things you can do to help us.

  • Join our Discord Community

We love to chat with our users about anything and everything. Our Discord channel is where the magic happens. Click the Icon and come say hello.

  • Give us all your Feedback

We’re a user driven company and your ideas are just as good as ours. If you’d like to see our app get better, tell us how. We love feedback.

  1. Join our Discord and put any suggestions into the “suggestions channel.”

  2. Click the chat link in the bottom right corner and let Ozan know any feedback you have.

  • Request to be a Beta Test User

In our Discord, we have a group of users who get the latest unreleased versions so they can test out new features before they get officially released.

  1. Join our Discord.

  2. Let us know you’d like to be a Tribe XR Beta user.

  • Give us all the Reviews

Reviews significantly help our cause at Tribe XR. It lets people who are deciding whether Tribe XR is right for them see your opinion on our app and influence their decision.

You can review us on.

  1. Oculus

  2. Viveport

  3. Steam

  4. Facebook

  5. Product hunt

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  • Join in on Tribe XR Events

We love hosting events and getting our community together. These events are usually centered around live performance from DJs and anyone in our community is welcome to perform.

Ask us about our next event on our Discord Channel or check out our events page.

  • Join the Streaming Program and Earn Prizes

Apply to be an official Tribe XR Streamer. You’ll get:

  1. Access to the Tribe XR Twitch Channel.

  2. Incentives to perform as much as you can.

  3. Exclusive access to our Streamer Channel on Discord.

  4. Links on our Twitch page.

    For more details check this out.

  • Follow our Twitch Channel

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  • Follow our Other Social Channels



How to Switch Versions on Quest

  1. On your phone, go to your Oculus Quest > Library > TribeXR > Version Notes.

  2. Set the target version.

  3. In your Quest headset, go to Library > TribeXR.

  4. Uninstall then Re-install Tribe