Tribe XR Features

App Features

  • MULTIPLAYER: Join friends and mentors for one-on-one DJ sessions. Collaborate and play a song with our new back-to-back DJ mode.

  • AVATARS: Interact with friends using the new avatar system.

  • PERSONAL TRACKS: Import your own personal tracks.

  • PRO-AUDIO ENGINE: Use a low latency, pro-quality audio engine.

  • VIDEO LESSONS: Learn the basics of DJing with the integrated video lessons.

  • TWITCH INTEGRATIONS: Connect to your Twitch account to use added features while you livestream.

CDJ Features

  • PLAY/PAUSE: Play and pause your tracks.

  • CUE: Set your cue position with the cue button.

  • SEARCH: Search within your tracks with the search buttons.

  • TRACK SEARCH: Search across your tracks with track search.

  • DIRECTION FWD REV: Toggle your track direction forward or reverse.

  • LOOP CUTTER: Use this to set loops automatically.

  • HOT CUES: Use this to set, play and call out hot cues

  • LOOP IN/OUT: Use this to set loop in and out points.

  • RELOOP: Use this to return to loop playback or cancel loop playback.

  • QUANTIZE LOOPS: Use this to quantize your loops.

  • NEEDLE SEARCH: Interact with the pad to search through your track.

  • CUE/LOOP CALL: Use these to call out stored cue and loop points.

  • DELETE : Use this to delete cue and loop points.

  • MEMORY: Use this to store cue and loop points in the memory.

  • JOG ADJUST: Use this to adjust the load applied to the jog wheel when you spin it.

  • JOG MODE, VINYL/CDJ: Use this to switch between VINYL and CDJ.

  • BEAT SYNC: Synchronize your tracks with sync button.

  • PITCH FADER: Adjust the speed of your tracks with the pitch fader.

  • JOG WHEEL: Interact with the jog wheel to search, cue and beat match and scratch.

  • WAVEFORMS: Use the waveforms to search, cue and beat match your tracks.

  • CDJ DISPLAY: View the waveform, BPM, timecode and track name in the CDJ display.

Mixer Features

  • COLOR FX: Enhance your mix with the filter, crush, noise and dub echo color FX.

  • CHANNEL CUE: Use the channel CUEs to monitor your tracks.

  • VIRTUAL HEADPHONES: Cue your tracks with virtual headphones.

  • HEADPHONE MIX: Monitor your cue and master volumes in your virtual headphones.

  • HEADPHONE LEVEL: Adjust the sound level of your virtual headphones

  • SPATIALIZED AUDIO: Isolate the cued track from the master output using the spatial audio.

  • TRIM VOLUME CONTROLS: Balance your track volumes with the trim controls.

  • EQ CONTROLS: Shape the character of the sound with the high-quality equalizers.

  • CHANNEL LEVEL INDICATOR: Monitor your volume levels with live VU meters.

  • VOLUME CONTROLS: Adjust the individual track volume with the volume controls.

  • CROSSFADER: Blend across the tracks using the crossfader.

  • MASTER LEVEL CONTROL: Adjust the master output volume with the master level control.

  • MASTER BALANCE CONTROL: Adjust the left/right balance of the master sound.

  • BEAT FX: Augment your mix with the echo, trans, flanger and slip roll beat FX