How to Support Tribe XR

The Tribe XR team is hard at work developing new features and supporting our users on their DJ journeys. If you’d like to show your support, there’s plenty of easy things you can do to help us.

  • Join our Discord Community

We love to chat with our users about anything and everything. Our Discord channel is where the magic happens. Click the Icon and come say hello.

  • Give us all your Feedback

We’re a user driven company and your ideas are just as good as ours. If you’d like to see our app get better, tell us how. We love feedback.

  1. Join our Discord and put any suggestions into the “suggestions channel.”

  2. Click the chat link in the bottom right corner and let Mike know any feedback you have.

  • Request to be a Beta Test User

In our Discord, we have a group of users who get the latest unreleased versions so they can test out new features before they get officially released.

  1. Join our Discord.

  2. Let us know you’d like to be a Tribe XR Beta user.

  • Give us all the Reviews

Reviews significantly help our cause at Tribe XR. It lets people who are deciding whether Tribe XR is right for them see your opinion on our app and influence their decision.

You can review us on.

  1. Oculus

  2. Viveport

  3. Steam

  4. Facebook

  5. Product hunt

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  • Join in on Tribe XR Events

We love hosting events and getting our community together. These events are usually centered around live performance from DJs and anyone in our community is welcome to perform.

Ask us about our next event on our Discord Channel or check out our events page.

  • Join the Streaming Program and Earn Prizes.

Apply to be an official Tribe XR Streamer. You’ll get:

  1. Access to the Tribe XR Twitch Channel.

  2. Incentives to perform as much as you can.

  3. Exclusive access to our Streamer Channel on Discord.

  4. Links on our Twitch page.

    For more details check this out.

  • Follow our Twitch Channel

We stream daily! It’s amazing, why wouldn’t you?

  • Follow our Other Social Channels