Tribe XR Live Stream Program

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The Program

Tribe XR is building a performance hub for our community. The goal is to build an audience/following to surround our users.

To do this, we need trailblazers like you. Live Streamers who are ready to become the core piece of our radio show and commit to helping us grow.

This program is about offering these selected performers incentives to reward their efforts.

Program Requirements

  • Perform on Tribe XR channel

  • Have at least (1) weekly scheduled stream slot

  • Stream at scheduled times

  • Spontaneous streams also count with a (2) hour notice (as long as it doesn't overlap with a previously scheduled stream)

  • Create and use an overlay that includes DJ Name or personal logo and the Tribe XR logo

  • (45) minute minimum for a stream to officially count towards incentive goals

  • Update stream description prior to your performance


  • Build your following

  • Use your own overlays

  • Personal link on Tribe XR Twitch Channel that points to your channel

  • Exclusive access to Tribe XR Discord Streamer Channel

  • Tribe XR promotion/support


  1. 10 Streams = $15 iTunes Giftcard

  2. 25 Streams = Feature Page on Tribe XR site + Tribe XR T-shirt

  3. 50 Streams: = Entered into raffle for a free Oculus Quest (Upon release) (Raffle to be conducted 01 July 2019)

How to Apply

Limited Availability: We will be limiting the amount of program participants.

  • Apply using the form below

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