Mixed Reality Setup

1) Download the calibration tool

Download Unreal Engine mixed reality calibration tool from here:


2) Setup your webcam

Get a supported Webcam - the Logitech C920 and C930e. You can also use a camera with a supported USB Capture Dongles such as the Magewell USB Capture HDMI Gen 2. While untested, it’s possible that other cameras will work. Give it a try. Mount your camera to your monitor or tripod. The position of the physical camera will set the position of the virtual camera.

3) Setup green screen

Position your green screen in your play space  

4) Run the calibration tool

Launch MRCalibration.exe.

5) Select the camera

If necessary, specify which camera to use with the Up & Down keys.

6) Calibrate the lens

Print the checkerboard file. It’s named checkerboard.png and it’s included in the Calibration Tool downloads. Tape the checkerboard to a piece of cardboard. Hold the checkerboard print out at different locations in front of the camera. Use different angles and depths. The text at the top of the screen will change to let you know when the calibration tool has collected enough samples.

7) Calibrate the alignment

Place your HMD on your head to activate it. Align the controller with an on-screen model, adjust the sampled alignment and repeat. You can preview the alignment results by holding P.

8) Adjust the alignment

There are five white boxes on-screen. Move one of your controllers to each of the boxes and pull the trigger in each.

9) Make more adjustments

Like in the previous alignment process, move, rotate, and scale the models to match the image.

10) Calibrate the compositing (optional)

You can tweak specific compositing settings. Use the arrow keys to select and set specific values.

11) Matt the garbage areas (optional)

If your green covers the entire frame, you can skip this step. Otherwise, put on your headset and matt out the unused areas of the frame.

12) Copy the calibration file to Tribe

Exit the tool. Go to the tools Saved/SaveGames/ directory and copy the MrcCalibration.sav file.

Paste the MrcCalibration.sav file in the Tribe SaveGames folder: C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\TribeXR\Saved\SaveGames

13) Launch Tribe in MR

With the MrcCalibration file in the Tribe SaveGames folder, launch Tribe. Tribe will automatically start in mixed reality mode.

14) Declare Victory



For more detailed instructions:

For more detailed information, please see the Unreal Mixed Reality Development page.


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