Top 10 Tips & Tricks

1. How to Load Your Own Tracks

In short: Copy your tracks to C:\Users\[username]\Music\TribeXR.

  1. Create a Tribe music folder here: C:\Users\[username]\Music\TribeXR
  2. Copy your tracks into the folder.
  3. Launch Tribe and open your tracks.

Note: We currently support mp3, m4a, aac, wav files. 


2. How to Use the Hand Controllers

  • Triggers: Grab & Select - Press the trigger to grab the deck controls or select menu items.
  • B Button: Main Menu - Press to show/hide the main menu.
  • Y Button: Recenter - Press to recenter your avatar. 
  • X & A Buttons: Laser Pointer - In spectator mode, press to show/hide your laser pointers. 
  • Menu Button: Virtual Controllers - Press to show/hide your virtual controllers.
  • Oculus Home Button: Oculus Home - Press to open the oculus home page. 
  • Joystick: Scroll - Use to scroll through lists such as your CDs.

3. How to Record your Set in OBS

Summary: OBS is a free and open source software for video recording. You can use it to record and livestream your sets. 


  1. Install OBS and accept the defaults. 
  2. Start Tribe and then OBS
  3. Create a scene in OBS then set you game capture, audio input and audio output source. 
  4. Start recording. 

4. Try the Starter Tutorial

To get a feel for the experience and learn the basics of DJing, try the starter tutorial. Go to the Get Started section and click the Starter Tutorial.


5. How to Cue Tracks with the Virtual Headphones

Summary: Cueing with your virtual headphones allows you to monitor an incoming track in your before playing it live to the room.


  1. Place a track on the deck and click the play button.
  2. Turn the channel fader down and press the channel cue button. 
  3. Move your hand next to your ear and click the trigger button to activate your virtual headphones.

6. How to Connect with Friends

Summary: You can do a multiplayer session with a friend or DJ tutor.

  • To host a session, open the main menu and click “Go live” in the friends menu. 
  • To join a session, open the main menu, click the friends name and click join. 

7. How to Watch the Video Lessons.

Summary: Learn the basics of DJing with the integrated video lessons.

  • Open the main menu and click the video lessons button.

8. How to Reset your Session

Summary: At any point, you can reset all tracks and decks, you can leave a session with a friend or you can end a hosted session.

Steps: Open the main menu and click the button in the Play menu set.  


9. How to Redeem your Product Key Code

  1. Open the Oculus app on your computer, select “Settings” in the left menu and select the “Account” tab
  2. Click “Redeem Code” and then enter your promo code and click “Redeem”
  3. Search for the Tribe DJ School in the Oculus store and install Tribe

10. How to Leave a Review

To leave a review, launch the Oculus app, click Store on the left, click Search in the upper right, search then click TribeVR DJ School, scroll to the bottom and click Write a Review.