Using Twitch Integrations

  • Twitch Chat Commands

Use: You can allow your Twitch audience can upload gifs into your environment, request songs from YouTube and see the songs you’re currently playing.

Inserting a gif: !gif [URL from]

Requesting a song: !request [Short URL from]

Name of current song playing: !nowplaying

  • How to Enable Animated Gifs

Use: This will allow your Twitch audience to change your background with Gifs straight from

  1. Download FFMpeg files from here:

  2. Extract and Copy the files from the “bin” folder to here: C:\Users\[username]\Documents\TribeXR

  3. Add the path of your ..\Document\TribeXR folder to your Path in your System Variables.

    1. Enter “Environment Variables” into your Windows Search Box to open System Properties then navigate to  Environment Variables > System variables > Path and add the path to your TribeXR folder.

  4. Restart your PC

  • Connecting to Tribe XR’s Twitch Channel

Use: If you’d like to perform live on the Tribe XR Channel, this is how to enable the chat window, gifs, emotes and any other features without having to login to our channel.

  1. Go to - C:\Users\ozan\AppData\Local\TribeXR\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\StreamingSettings.ini

2. Add the following line - “ChatChannel=tribexr”

Twitch Connect.png

  • How to logout your Twitch account

Use: If you’d like to switch Twitch accounts in Tribe XR or disconnect from your account completely.

  1. Go to:


2. Delete the access token



  • How to create animated streaming overlays

Use: Add some flare to your Twitch stream with animated graphics in an screen overlay.

1. Create image sequence

  • Use photoshop to create video timeline and animation the opacity

  • Export the file - Render to video and select image sequence.

  • Set alpha channel strate unmatt options.

2. Use FFMpeg to convert image sequence to .mov

  • ffmpeg -i img%04d.png -vcodec png

Note: use .mov for transparency

3. Add media source to OBS

  • Import the .mov file.