Honestly I wish I had this way back when I first started DJing myself! If you are a beginner or even an expert at the art of DJ mixing this is such a useful tool that can be utilized in many ways. 

Pro Level DJ Gear

Oculus SC 5 - 2560 x 1440.png
  • Full featured and fully functional CDJ Mix Deck

  • Upload and mix your own music

  • Output your tunes to any speaker


DJ Learning Tools

MR Learning.jpg
  • Free DJ video tutorials and interactive lessons

  • Team and community support in our Discord

  • 1-on-1 live DJ lessons available with professional instructors (premium)


Perform Live

EL Blank.png
  • Invite/join friends & mentors in collaborative sessions

  • Tribe XR live streaming support & Twitch integrations

  • Book a slot on the Tribe XR Radio Show and build your DJ following


You get to play with an accurate recreation of a DJ deck that costs thousands of dollars, support to custom tracks and multiplayer features. Great if you’re an aspiring DJ.
I’m loving Tribe, the actual software is awesome props to the team. What really shines though is getting to see so many DJs and producers and how their styles differ. No ones paying a ticket price to watch streams, and no one playing is doing so for the paycheck, it’s just such an awesome environment for music lovers and makers alike
— bschnappes

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