• Watch integrated video lessons and follow along on your virtual decks.

  • Learn basic techniques, including beat matching, loops, FX and more.

  • Advance your skills with deck controls, phrase mixing, harmonic mixing and more!

  • Learn to mix with live one-on-one mentoring sessions in VR! 

  • Book live lessons with your favorite DJs.

  • Learn with the best from anywhere in the world.

  • DJing is about personal expression. It’s about defining your own style. 

  • Upload your own tracks. Whether you’re prepping your playlist for a house party or a music festival, load your tracks into Tribe and practice all your moves.

  • With a little help from OBS, you can even record your set and post it to Youtube or livestream it to Twitch or Facebook.  

  • Get into Tribe with a friend and collaborate together.

  • Show off your latest mix and challenge each other to a spin off.

  • Music is a beautiful thing. Share it with a friend. Let’s get together in Tribe.


“For the first time I can feel how wonderful and creative it is to be a DJ.”

- Neontop

“You get to play with an accurate recreation of a DJ deck that costs thousands of dollars, supports custom tracks and multiplayer features. Great if you’re an aspiring DJ. Plus it’s growing every week - highly recommend!” 




“Just downloaded the most recent version and found the whole experience totally awesome. My first insight into DJ’ing and the lessons helped me understand the basics quickly."

- Ollie humphreys