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Honestly I wish I had this way back when I first started DJing myself! If you are a beginner or even an expert at the art of DJ mixing this is such a useful tool that can be utilized in many ways. 


Who would have thought that all you need in order to become a real DJ is an Oculus Rift and Tribe. I love the interface, the setting is dope, and the DJ controller looks and works exactly like the real thing. Can't wait to see what comes next.


You get to play with an accurate recreation of a DJ deck that costs thousands of dollars, support to custom tracks and multiplayer features. Great if you're an aspiring DJ.

  • Watch integrated video lessons and follow along on your virtual decks.

  • Learn basic techniques, including beat matching, loops, FX and more.

  • Advance your skills with deck controls, phrase mixing, harmonic mixing and more!

  • Learn to mix with live one-on-one mentoring sessions in VR! 

  • Book live lessons with your favorite DJs.

  • Learn with the best from anywhere in the world.

  • DJing is about personal expression. It’s about defining your own style. 

  • Upload your own tracks. Whether you’re prepping your playlist for a house party or a music festival, load your tracks into Tribe and practice all your moves.

  • With a little help from OBS, you can even record your set and post it to Youtube or livestream it to Twitch or Facebook.  

  • Get into Tribe with a friend and collaborate together.

  • Show off your latest mix and challenge each other to a spin off.

  • Music is a beautiful thing. Share it with a friend. Let’s get together in Tribe.